Fatemeh Behboudi ( photojournalist and Documentary photographer ) was born (1985) in Tehran, Iran.

She started Professional Photography at 2007 and worked for several Iranian news agancies (Fars news, Mehr news, borna news , isca, Jame jam news paper, iqna ) and now she is working with IRNA News agency .

The winner of world press photo 2015 
First place Feature Picture Story - Freelance/Agency in POY 2014 
Selected one of five exhibited during Obscura's Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase _ Malaysia 2014 
Participant in the Joop Swart Masterclass world press photo 2013 
photo exhibition in Yangon (Myanmar) 2015 /2 
photo exhibition in International Festival of art and resistance, Iran 2013 
Participant in Angkor photo festival 2013

Mobile Photo Exhibition "27 Iranian Photographers _ France/ september 2017" 

Myanmar Group Photo Exhibition at the 23rd Iranian Press and News Exhibition  /Iran Oct 2017
Participant in the Obscura festival _Malaysia 2017

Participant in the "Eyes on Main Street Wilson" Photo Festival/ USA _ 2015
Participant in the "Eyes on Main Street Wilson" Photo Festival/ USA _ 2016

Event :

workshop In Tehran / 10 days with iranian photographers / Des 2015
Jury of the (DOFOTO) Documentary photography conTest_Slovakia /Sep 2017

Jury of the " 5th photo festival of " Khaneye doost" in mashhad /Iran Oct 2017
women in photography :34 voices from around the world (TIME _2017)
30 Female photographers to watch (Lens culture _2017)